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Starkwind auf dem Atlantik

Atlantic Rodeo

Ahoi! Just these days I was thinking on my friends up in Cheyenne where the big Rodeo is coming up in July. The same is what we are doing since two days here on the Atlantic.

Big low
We got caught by huge low pressure system and have been sailing ahead of the warm front in plenty of wind. The good thing in this situation is, we make great progress. The not so good thing is, life gets hard downstairs as we have to keep all hatches shut. And during each and every changes of the watches we get a lot of more moisture inside.

Front is passed
But by now we see the front have passed over us and enter the region behind with stabile wind conditions, less waves and dry weather. This in sight the mood of the crew improves although I have to omit it was never bad during the last days.

So cheers to you all and kisses to my daughter ( and my wife :-)),

Karl on behalf of CHARISMA Crew

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